Scott Hamilton at the Madeira Congress Centre

Scott Hamilton, a living legend in the world of jazz, arrives in Madeira Island for a concert organised by the establishment Vespas Club. Paolo Birro, Alfred Kramer and Aldo Zunino will accompany the North American protagonist in this concert that is expected to be fantastic.

Since he was a child, Scott Hamilton has been connected to music, listening several times to his father’s jazz collection. His passion for music led him to experiment with various instruments: drums, clarinet, piano and harmonica until, at the age of 16, he started playing the saxophone, an instrument that set him apart from the rest. From then on, under the influence of renowned jazz artists (Ben Webster, Coleman Hawkins) Scott Hamilton developed a unique style, characterised by elegance and refinement.

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  • Start Date
    24/06/2023 19:00
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    24/06/2023 23:59
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