Sugarcane Fair

The Sugar Cane and Derivatives Fair takes place on the 75th and 28th of April in the parish of Canhas, in Ponta do Sol. This is an event jointly organized by the Ponta do Sol Community Centre and the Regional Secretariat for Agriculture and Rural Development, with the main objective of celebrating the work of producers and the community involved in the cultivation of sugarcane

The centre of this lively celebration is Rua do Serrado, next to Urbanização Santa Teresinha, in the parish of Canhas. Here, lively music will accompany the typical food and drink stalls, contributing to a fun and festive atmosphere. On the otherhand, for those who want to know more about this product, there will be exhibitions alluding to sugarcane and the production of sugarcane honey.
The more active will also be able to participate in the sugarcane harvest which takes place during Saturday morning, the 27th.

Event Details