Classics at Magnolia

The annual event “Classics in Magnolia” is back with the 5th edition, scheduled for the last weekend of July, this year dedicated to the 40s of the 20th century.
The unique atmosphere of the 19th century building make it the perfect setting for the exhibition of classic cars, motorcycles and bicycles, where the ‘stars’ of the event transport all that space to the time when classic vehicles left the factories.

In addition to its natural charm, the gardens of Quinta Magnólia present, once again, all the glamour of that decade, in an atmosphere plenty of entertainment, period-dressed extras, gatherings and automobile- and lounge areas.
This exhibition is a great tourist value and a tribute to all those who contribute and are dedicated to the preservation of classic vehicles and to the assertion of this heritage.

‘Classics in Magnolia’ was born in 2020, associated with the exhibition ‘Recomposition’, which took place in the cultural centre “Quinta Magnólia – Centro Cultural”, alluding to the contribution that Madeiran sculptor Ricardo Veloza has left us. Having achieved, from the outset, a notable success, the event allowed the assertion of a new event in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

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