25/08/2024 - 29/08/2024
Folklore festival, organized by the Boa Nova Folklore and Ethnographic Group, which aims to promote intercultural coexistence and convey ethnographic aspects. It counts on the participation of national and foreign groups. +info: Facebook
29/08/2024 - 15/09/2024
The Madeira Wine Lounge, in Praça do Povo, is a prime location for visitors to enjoy wine and gastronomy tastings, to the sound of regional musical groups of different genres. This location has five specific areas: Madeira Wine Producers (12),...
This Wine Festival is, overall, a cultural and ethnographic event.The Festival honours this sector of extreme importance to Madeira, attracting tourists as well as locals to several locations.At Praça do Povo, the Madeira Wine Lounge will be set up, recreating...
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