Carnival is the frst big event in Madeira’s event calendar.
In all counties of the archipelago there are small parades and themed parties where everyone wears a carnival costume.
This event starts on Wednesday, before the “Entrudo” (Shrove or Fat Tuesday as it is known) and the fun goes on until the “Enterro do Osso” that takes place on the Saturday after Carnival day.
The biggest event of Carnival Season in Madeira happens on Saturday evening (Carnival Weekend) with the main parade in the streets of Funchal. Numerous Samba groups parade in magnificent and colourful dance costumes. This is a real show of light, colour and music, that thousands join in to watch.
On Tuesday afternoon, you can also enjoy another parade, known as “Cortejo Trapalhão”, where comedy and satire are the main ingredients and anyone is free to join. Just make sure to wear a good disguise!