Compadres Feast

The ‘Festa dos Compadres’ marks the opening of the Carnival season in Madeira, a tradition going back to more than 50 years, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Santana, an event to be held on February, 2nd and 4th.

It is an event that sets the begining of Carnival festivities in the Region, known for its originality, marked by its gigantic figures who roam the streets of this quiet town located on the north of the Madeira island, in a parade full of humour, lots of colour and joy.
This event culminates with a theatrical enactment of the judgment of the “Compadres” and “Comadres”, followed by the conviction and the burning of these puppets.

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    02/02/2024 12:00
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    04/02/2024 21:00
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